Rise From Your Grave Bed

This morning we discontinued my use of the magic elixir at around 6:30. This was all in preparation for me to do physical therapy later in the day. I got out of bed for PT at 11:00 this morning. Which felt amazing. You haven’t lived until you have spent 3 days lying completely flat in bed. You just haven’t.

Physical Therapy was great but a little painful. We started off with the therapist doing some simple range of motion and strength tests to assess my abilities. After that, she taught me how I have to sit-up, roll over, and stand. Until the incision site heals I am not allowed to twist my back at all so I have to be very mindful of that.

PT went really well. I practically begged (read implored) the therapist to let me walk but she was having none of it. Instead we practiced sitting up and standing which was an interesting experience. Standing up and straightening my legs felt very odd as I felt some muscles fire that I haven’t before. I was able to do it under my own strength though which the therapist said was pretty good. I stood up from a sitting position 3x. She also tested for extra muscle tone/spasticity and was unable to detect any. So far, so good. I have another PT session at 3 where I will try and walk with either parallel bars or a walker depending on how I do.

I have also noticed that my legs are sensitive and I feel needles when pressure is applied. This is apparently a part of the healing process because of the nerve work during surgery.

Recognize the geeky game reference in the title? Let me know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Rise From Your Grave Bed

  1. Well done man. Remember, don’t play Superman just yet. You’re one step closer to recovery than you were this morning when you woke up. Atta kid! They refused to let me walk on Monday. Tuesday is when I was allowed to open ‘er up and see what I could do.

    I’ll tell you this much….your butt is gonna be sore tomorrow man! 🙂 Those glutes are firing now and you are gonna feeeeeeel it tomorrow! It’s a good hurt bro. 🙂

  2. Ok so I am sitting here trying to figure out the game reference, and I so can’t!! LOL I guess unless it is GOW, HALO, Fear, Army of 2 related, I won’t get it.. In other news, high five on slowing your roll shawty and taking PT one day at a time. You are already a rockstar star, stop trying to show off 🙂 Take it one day at a time! Keep it up!

    • Hey Azuree, It’s a really old school reference. There is an old Sega Genesis Game called Altered Beast and it always started with the voice of Zues saying “Rise from your Grave” in an overly dramatic voice Every time you started a new level or something along those lines.

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