I hit a small milestone today that made me pretty happy. One of the exercises in the home exercise program is to stand up from sitting 10x with no assistance. I tried to do this on Friday and could barely do it 1x. I am not sure if I was held back by muscle weakness or nerve pain (I get the sense that it was my future archmemesis — The Sciatic Nerve) but I was able to stand up from sitting 11x in a row today.

Another things I have noticed is how much easier stretching has become. Anyone with CP will tell you that stretching is a chore that required a good deal of effort for marginal returns. Now when I stretch it’s effortless and I honestly feel like a kid playing with a shiny new toy – what else can this baby do?!

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  1. Just the tip of the iceberg my friend! I really enjoy reading your updates as you discover what this newly unleashed body of yours is capable of. It’s a really cool thing to be on the other side of the SDR fence….beyond words isn’t it?

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