Pre-op Day

I arrived in St. Louis last night and this morning I went to the hospital to do all the pre-op tests and fill out some paper work.

We reviewed my medical history and then I had some blood samples taken. After that it was a quick trip to another building for a Gross Motor Function Measurement exercise. The therapist had me run through a few things — walking, trying to run, crawling, knee walking, etc…We saved the results from this test so that we can compare how I do on the same exercise after a few months of rehab.

After that I met with a Physician’s Assistant to go over the surgery and what to expect. Bedrest for the first 3 days and then we start PT on the 4th day. Assuming all goes well I will be flying back home on 5th day.

That’s all for now. Go time is 6:30 tomorrow morning. I will update on how it goes once I am able to.