Candor CP – One Week In

As part of the Candor CP team, I am very excited to see people download our app and give it a whirl!

We have already seen people use the Candor app to encourage some great interactions, advice, thoughts and support. It strengthens our conviction that our app can be a great service to the CP community.

Of course, the more people that join, the better the experience for everyone. Tell anyone you think will benefit to download the app and join the conversation! Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook so that you can stay up to date. Spread the word!

We are working on some cool updates and look forward to sharing with you all soon to make the experience even better!

Download the app!

Candor CP

Announcing Candor CP

One of the frustrations I have dealt with because I have Cerebral Palsy is that it is often difficult to find other people like me, who have CP, to talk to.  The growth of the internet has been very helpful in addressing that issue.  Facebook Groups, online forums, and the web have been invaluable resources.  However, I still struggle with using these resources as they often associate my posts with who I am and there is not a way to delete a post once I put it out there.  I would bet that anyone with a health issue can empathize with the desire to communicate with others anonymously about some of the more private or potentially embarrassing aspects of their disease. 

For example, I recently posted a question I had about my orthotics in one of the Facebook CP groups I am a member of.  The question was not really that embarrassing. However, I posted it under the assumption that it would only be visible to other members of the group.  Imagine my surprise a few weeks later when I was having dinner with a family member and she asked if I was able to resolve the issue.  Apparently, the post was visible to anyone who was friends with me on Facebook!  Had I known that, I would not have posted my question.

Today, I am launching a project I have been working on with a couple of people – Candor CP.  Candor CP is an app that let’s you chat anonymously with other people who have CP. Getting setup to use the app is simple: create an account using an email address and create a password.  THAT’S IT.  No usernames, photos, personal information, share settings, or linking to other social media sites.  As you post and comment, the app dynamically assigns you an avatar that is unique to each thread.

I am ecstatic to get Candor CP out in the wild and hope everyone finds it useful.  I am also looking for feedback from all of you on how we can improve the app and make it better. Feel free to email the Candor team at, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.

A special thanks to those readers of the blog who assisted with testing.

Don’t forget to download the app and join the conversation!