5 Weeks Post Op

I am happy to say that I am continuing to make progress.  Last Friday marked my 4th week of physical therapy so my therapist did a one-month assessment to document how I was doing.  We saw significant improvement in my range of motion and strength in almost every measurement.  I was particularly happy that my hips are getting stronger since that seemed to be my weakest area coming out of surgery.

Last week I started working out at the gym again and doing therapy in the pool.  Doing exercise in the pool is great because I have much more range of motion than normal so it allows me to properly perform the exercises I have a hard time doing.  Working out at the gym has been interesting because there are some things I used to do easily in the gym that are now quite challenging.  I never realized how much the extra tone from the spasticity was helping me to do certain exercises such as squats and leg extensions.  Needless to say I have months of strength training ahead of me.  On the flip side, there are exercises that I have unsuccessfully tried to do in the past (such as using the rowing machine) that I can do!  I also feel muscle soreness in some new areas while I am exercising.

Yesterday I picked up my new shoe inserts to correct for my leg length difference and the second I put on the new orthotic and started walking I felt very awkward.  Apparently it will take me a few weeks to adjust since the insert has an arch support and I am flat-footed.  So I am going through the experience of adjusting to a new feeling when I walk again

I was hanging out with some friends this past weekend and walking around the city.  As we walked one of my friends mentioned to me that he always used to have to walk slowly when he was with me before I had the operation.  However, he mentioned that I am now able to keep pace with him.  I believe this is from a combination of increased stride length and my ability to walk more quickly.

I have a new video this week of me walking 5 weeks post op; for comparison I am also including a video of me walking before the operation as well.

5 weeks post op:

Before the operation:

2 thoughts on “5 Weeks Post Op

  1. Very nice Frantz! Comparing the two videos, you can see a more fluid gate. Your right foot doesn’t drag as before and your left leg has a longer stride! Well done man! Just the beginning!

  2. I agree Todd. On some level for you this must be like reliving your post op process. I do find the difference to be remarkable and a friend who saw me this week said the videos really do not do it justice. Since I am a greedy/a perfectionist I want to squeeze every last ounce of improvement I can out of this.

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