Let’s talk about stairs…

Today marks 8 weeks since the surgery and 7 weeks of physical therapy.  I will have a more substantive update later; for now I wanted to post a short video of me on stairs.  While there is still room for improvement the difference between this and before the surgery is amazing.  I was at the point where stairs were very difficult for me and I could not lift my legs in front of me — I had to swing my legs in a circular motion up and around each step.

6 thoughts on “Let’s talk about stairs…

  1. Amazing Frantz. I remember the circular motion you are referring to. Thanks for continuing to share your journey. Very inspirational.

  2. Thanks everyone. I find that when I look at video of me on stairs it’s a powerful reminder of how far I have come. My therapist and I are now working on planting my entire foot on each step so that I can push up from my heels instead of the front of my feet.

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