5 Months Post Op: Now with More Running!

Everything is still going pretty well with physical therapy although progress is now much slower.  I am still struggling with my hamstrings particularly as it relates to bending my knees.  We are trying a variety of things and hopefully they will help.  At this point I think the limited range of motion on my right leg is holding me back from improving my gait as I do not bend my right leg enough when walking.

Since the last update I have noticed several things that are easier.  I spend a lot of time walking on the treadmill and ever since the surgery I have needed to hold on to the rails for stability. As of a couple of weeks ago I am now able to use the treadmill hands free which is a hump I have been wanting to get over a for a while.  I have also noticed that my strength is increasing as well as my endurance.  This has all translated to easier movements and being able to engage in exercise for longer periods of time.

Finally, my running is much improved.  I feel as though I have much more control of my movements when running now and it looks and feels more fluid.  It’s hard to believe that this was not possible 6 months ago!  I took a short video of me running over the weekend and have included it below.

In the last update I posted a series of goals that I hope to achieve.  I have not done an assessment since then so I will provide an update on how that is going once my physical therapist and I do the necessary tests.

8 thoughts on “5 Months Post Op: Now with More Running!

  1. Hey Frantz – thanks for the update. Good to see you running quite smoothly. I can imagine it’s harder to motivate yourself when the progress slows – keep going though buddy.


    • Thanks Gareth. It is and it isn’t. The amount of work is frustrating at times for sure, but I still hope to get more benefit so I use that as motivation. How is Rhys getting on?

  2. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Appreciate the detailed update and love the video. You’re making a ton of progress and the nice thing is, you’re still in the early innings of your recovery. I can only imagine what you’ll be writing about a year from now (yes, I’m committing you to another year of posting). Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next update.

  3. WOW man!!! That running of yours is impressively more fluid than when you first started running (which was already great to see). Proud of you man! Your hard work has paid off and continues to do so. Atta kid!

  4. Frantz you are an inspiration – such hard work and dedication, it’s amazing! So happy for you. The running looks so good – HUGE improvement from last time. Nice!

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